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Jose De Anda

​​​​​ Owner/ Master Trainer and driving force behind Powerhouse

A former Animal Control Officer, Jose has a natural and uncanny ability to read a dog's mind and he is able to quickly determine what they need. Jose’s passion is to rehabilitate problem dogs. 

Jose, along with his pack have rehabilitated many dogs to include; numerous unwanted “unadoptable” death row shelter dogs exhibiting behavioral issues and giving them a chance at life. From basic obedience, to dog/human aggression, to teaching dog owners how to build a positive relationship with their dog.

​Jose emphasizes the importance of knowing a dog's motivators and praising and rewarding dogs for their good behavior and performance. Jose will not only help your dog, but help you understand their language.


JD's Powerhouse K9 Bootcamp Dog Training

owned and operated by

Jose De Anda since 2016.

Servicing Scottsdale & Phoenix and all surrounding cities


Group Classes, Bootcamp Board & Train

 Puppy Training & Socialization 

CGC Certification Classes & Testing

 Basic Obedience and Pack Socialization.

Specializing in Dog Reactivity

 Dog/Human Aggression Rehabilitation.

Jose's innovative methods and understanding of the dogs' mind

has made Powerhouse K9 Bootcamp a driving force

in the evolution of dog training.

​When it comes to training canines, its less about teaching the dog and more about teaching the human. It's about the human-canine connection.