Option 1 - Training Camp 

Training Camp teaches good dogs to be great dogs. 

Using a foundation built on positive motivational manners and respect, it addresses general issues that have developed over time, so that students can again become happy and well behaved pack members.

If you have a good dog, and are looking to improve some of their manners, then this is for you. It is also great for general socialization of your dog with others.

Types of problems addressed:

​☐ Jumping on people 
☐ Pulling on leash
☐ General manners
☐ Crate training
☐ Mouthing
☐ Running away
☐ Minor barking issues
☐ Digging
☐ Chewing
☐ Marking
☐ Hyper activity
☐ Minor separation issues

Private Lessons

  Customized Training Packages

    Board & Train/Resident Camp

Group Classes  


Whether you want your new puppy to have the best possible start in life with reliable house training skills, quality manners training to ensure good behavior at home and prevent future problems or you already are experiencing a behavior problem and require serious behavior modification to remedy an aggression problem, or you are needing help with the basics – or you fall anywhere in between – we can provide a personalized program to meet your needs.  

Jose looks forward to partnering with you to improve your pet’s behavior long term.

*​Contact us today for your private eval and consultation* 

Board & Train

There are three types of Resident Camps, each camp is structured around the types of issues needing to be addressed. ​Resident Camp is professional help for you and your dog.
Sometimes called "In-Kennel" or "Board & Train" Camp is where Jose does all of the training for you, and then he will teach you how to maintain it. Your dog resides at Powerhouse K9 Bootcamp where your dog attends daily training, social and play sessions. 

  Training can happen more quickly because the “conversation” between the dog and trainer is very clear.  A Board & Train can be very helpful to jump start a dog’s training.

Upon completion, their training is transitioned back to you. 
Resident Camps’ success lies within the fact it is more effective to train you with a dog Jose has already trained and built a foundation with. Jose emphasizes “Follow-Up” with you to ensure you are able to continue with what your dog has learned

Option 2 - Behavior Camp

This intensive training program is perfect for those looking to invest in a top-of-the-line education.

Dogs with serious behavioral issues are also placed in Behavior Camp. 

It focuses on what is and is not acceptable using extensive food-reward-based conditioning, respect and praise. Behavior Camp has extensive follow-up to achieve the best possible result for your dog and family. 

Types of behavioral problems addressed: 

☐ Lunging at or excessive jumping up on people
☐ Resists or fights the leash
☐ Territorial behavior towards dogs of people
☐ Prey drive directed towards people
☐ Prey drive directed towards animals or other dogs
☐ Mouthing where the skin is broken
☐ Serious uncontrolled barking issues
☐ Serious separation anxiety
☐ Insecurity or extreme shyness
☐ Housebreaking issues (subject to evaluation)
☐ Possessive behavior
☐ Resource guarding
☐ Destructive behavior


Option 3 - Aggression Camp

Aggression Camp is for high-risk dogs with bite or aggression histories with either

humans or dogs.

Jose has had great success working with high-risk cases, and is locally recognized as an expert in this field. This intensive program rehabilitates dogs with fear based, dominance based or territorial aggression issues. 

Dogs with one or more of the following issues are generally checked in for Aggression Camp.

☐ Bites resulting in injury 
☐ Dogs that display aggression
☐ Dogs that are blacklisted
☐ Dogs involved in litigation
☐ Dogs that have broken skin
☐ Genetic or inbred aggression
☐ Snapping at people or animals
☐ Lunging resulting in injury
☐ Uncontrollable growling
☐ Fear based aggression
☐ Submissive biting