Standard - $30.00/night

Dog aggressive - $35.00/night

Human aggressive - Rate determined following an evaluation up to $45.00/night

Prior ro pick-up if you would like your dog to have a bath, please indicate at the time of check in.


Small Dog: $7

Medium/large Dog: $15


  • ​Proof of up to date Rabies is mandatory upon or prior to check in, no exceptions, a CERTIFICATE  must be provided.

  • ​DHPP (Distemper, Parvo) proof is required.

  • In lieu of dog vaccinations,  DHPP (Distemper, Parvo)  we will accept a titer test administered by a licensed veterinarian in the past six months stating that your dog has sufficient immunity to these diseases.

  • proof of bordetella vaccination within the past 6 months

  • Or, for older dogs, you may submit a letter from your veterinarian stating that your pet is in compliance with his or her vaccine protocols. 


Your pet must be free of fleas and ticks when entering. 


We are glad to be able to accommodate pets that need medications. The fee varies with the type of medications needed—please inquire.


Pets own food—We are glad to be able to accommodate pets that have special feeding needs. Pre-packaged daily portions—please inquire.


We accept outside bedding, feel free to bring in your dog's favorite blanket, bedding or toys.

  • ​All over night boarding guests are provided with a 4x6 indoor kennel with a comfy raised Kuranda bed (you are welcome to bring your dogs favorite blanket or dog bed and toys).

  • Staff is on site 24 hours a day to ensure a safe and secure boarding environment, as well as providing hands-on, personalized attention. 
  • Special accommodations can be made for seniors, puppies or dogs with anxiety issues etc.
  • Rate determined following an evaluation.
  • Yes. We accept unaltered males for boarding.​